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The kitchen has and always will be the beating heart of a household. That much is certain. Kronenburgh landgoedlinnen products still have the stripes and checks of old as well as other stylish designs.

Tea towels and kitchen towels

We make a distinction between tea towels made from linen, half linen and cotton.

Apple towelLinen tea towels are often referred to as Glass towels. Glass towels are hard to come by. You will see that Kronenburgh Landgoedlinnen has a large range on offer. Glass towels have the advantage that they don’t become fluffy (cotton towels do and this will be noticeable on glassware).

Half linen towels combine the best properties of linen and cotton: less fluffing and easier to care for (less ironing). In earlier times half linen towels were used for cutlery and cotton tea towels for the rest of the washing up.

We also have a category of decorative towels. These are tea towels from the Ekelund range which come with beautiful images which can also be hung up in the kitchen, for instance. These are mainly provided with seasonal themes, and are a nice way to provide your kitchen with a changing theme. The Ekelund towels fall between a tea towel and kitchen towel. Although these are not sets, the towels can be used for both purposes.

We offer both the European rectangle, as well as the Dutch square models of tea towel. We will also let know when a manufacturer has produced a matching kitchen towel. Occasionally, a recommendation might be provided for a suitable kitchen towel below the information bar.

Linen and halflinnen tea towelsThea towels bij FergusonsWe supply the entire Fergusons collection of tea towels: from linen, half linen to cotton. The collection comprises kitchen towels, tea towels, glass towels, towels for crystal, quick dry towels and even waiters’ cloths (see various articles / other). The collection has a very traditional design with mostly red or blue stripes on a white towel.

Libeco HOME offers a variety of beautiful tea towels in both 100% linen, as well as half linen. The Jacquard weave tea towels are particularly striking: Sicilia, Normandy and Rococo. The first two are available in 9 different colours. The Deauville is a classic design with blue or red stripes along the edge. The Dieppe (stripes along the four edges) is available in both white as well as flax coloured. The St. Malo is a classic checked tea towel. A kitchen full of beautiful linen! The new collections of woven kitchen linen are easy to maintain, durable, colourfast and available in different sizes.

Hoffmann designs are a classic. The quality of the cloth is so heavy that you can actually feel it in the weight of the tea towel. This means a very high water retention capacity. A beautiful old-fashioned design.

The Winkler kitchen collection is a large range of items which are available in 8 different colours.

Elias is a brand with a long history in the Netherlands offering beautiful designs. Combinations of tea towels and kitchen towels are available as well as matching aprons, oven cloths and over gloves.

Aprond for kitchen and gardenKitchen and garden aprons

Our shop offers kitchen aprons in linen, half linen and cotton. The line Bistro from Libeco HOME comes in two designs: flax: heavy and lino: light. The half linen Bistro Kleur is available in 6 different colours. The Bistro is a full apron with 1 pocket. The Café is a waist apron.

Other Towels Finally

Here you will find the confiture towel, waiters cloths, cleaning towels, surface cloths and service cloths to complete your kitchen! !